The Annunciation (2016)

Something bolder than her

alights on the stone tiles,

wings folding like patterned silks.


Her visitor waits

patiently, until at last

she raises her eyes.


Storm or sunlight embodied

in a smooth face, godliness rising

to an unknown grade. A hand lifts


stopping the sun for a while, or so

it seems to the girl, kneeling

in its shadow.


The world turns a little.

History turns around the exchange

of a few words.


When he flies, nothing seems

changed at first, but the gentle blurring

of memory. A new burden stirs.


Worry locks itself in,

she murmurs, like the walls

of this garden.


Wrists crossed, thumbs entwined,

spreading her fingers’ wings

backwards and forwards in time


for a moment she feels she may

exit the garden the same way as him –

or soothe the small bird that reels inside.




The Annunciation was first published in Envoi and it has been shortlisted for the Nottingham Open Poetry competition.


It will be included in a forthcoming poetry collection to be published by Wundor Editions.

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