The Waking was published in the UK on

11 September 2017 by Wundor Editions.


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‘A beautiful (and incredibly helpful) Tokyo travel guide – the first in their city guide series – manages to combine the feel and aesthetic of a high-end art magazine with literary travel writing, and a bevy of hyper-local tips.’


The Culture Trip

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


'Smith is a poet... not a single word is wasted – his prose is direct, intimate and immediate.'


The Book Bag

'The writing was mesmerizing and poetic, and the characters felt alive and had great depth to them... the atmosphere dragged you into a dark and mysterious world of half-forgotten memories.  I loved the feeling Imogen added to the novel, with her secretive and fleeting manner, and the fragmented way in which the story was told… As soon as I’d finished it, I wanted to start over and search the memories for more hidden clues and meanings. I wanted to know Isabel even better, and to experience the writing once more.'


Silke Wadskjaer Mølgaard

'Smith is a poet whose skills are smartly showcased in Isabel’s vivid childhood memories, brightly sketched word pictures around which he structures his novel… No slouch at suspense, Smith is adept at pulling the rug from under his reader’s feet… Overall, it’s a gripping narrative, a smart and pacy literary thriller which explores the indelible scars of loss.'


A Life In Books

I edited and designed each guide, as well as contributing writing and photography.


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Cover images: Los Angeles – Ilona Szwarc; Tokyo – Go Itami; Mumbai – Nirvair Singh Rai

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